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G-Land October 30th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf This is the best way to make sure you breathe in and out will be similar. 4:45 am morning and a real effort to remain so after my alarm clock awake. It is easy to use to wake up every time you want to use the alarm is to get a fight for me. But I knew it would be useful to see the condition of the first day in the future. And today we see a different approach from the south coast. The tide was too low to use the boat, so we walk. And if I have enough interesting ideas to continue the idea that now begins to breathe today.

Let’s go … Dutch 3 January, Emile, and Egbert … The first two have made ??a huge effort to G-Land back a few times a year and an Australian (M. Limo). Walking is alone worth the effort. If a surfer for the better …. It would be like having a free ticket and check-in agent that you encounter in a chair for Stylin.

Surf was ok … not good, but good. Naturally enough power to enjoy. The summit was significantly better than the reef. Limo and walked the route in more than most of the time to sit under the trees coastal side. We paddle to catch waves and have about two Alan, just come with one of the dirty back. Compared to the past … The highlight was a lot better. Surf forecast They stand high on the plateau, maybe just a little greatest … Most of the existing rights for 100 yards and a fountain. Water is a bit thick, but not bad. This is really back and forth between the hills and clean . I’ll check again revealed by a wave with Alan and others just. We apologize for an hour or two sail and I decided it was time to feed Alan, because he has not eaten since 04.30.

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