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G-Land October 27th-28th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf very, very small surf today, the second … I have a 9’2 “today and it took me a couple of good waves enough to enjoy the nature.

I spent a large part of the second day trying to make friends with monkeys … went aggro too new and positive relationship can be better than nothing. Do you have a teenager in food from my hands a few times and still a young man who is really comfortable lying on his belly, his chin on a small pocket mother, my copy of eye movements I Givin did.

Did it gave me a warming of a few days ago. Get out of my room in the morning to turn off the water. To activate the flow of water monkeys and let them go. If you are thirsty, they will only open the door a little and drink. You know the difference. So … and … I took a towel, put it in water and then pulled to the ground about 25 meters. When I left my room, where … G-land Surf Forecast 25 feet away, sitting on my towel, chew, and stroked the ball high in his new chair. I went to him and he knows that I take full responsibility. Switch has become for me, and he could feel it. This is one of the older boys who are brave enough and keep the ground well enough. He has not even attempted to show teeth … Go to the thorny bamboo.

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