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G-Land October 26th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Even today a hot oven. And it’s really raining this morning for about 20 minutes, not like yesterday, drizzle 3 minutes. Reports have started. Go on a mission in South Beach. Create a team divided by eight of sufficient size and in two parts. But my attempts failed because of a reduction in the afterlife, where they should be. It lasted about a minute later I had two crew members know that they are a bargain and 15 minutes to find exactly where they want to say. That will not happen, see if I could. The fog was very solid.

Said Alan and I went to the beach and cruising back in about an hour later. Everyone was positive, enjoy their sessions because they were really on the wave of the form of courtesy. It ended like 5 hours and the adventure, like the other day that the south coast attracts our attention. For dinner, pass out

G-Land Surf on the right side looks good too. The only thing I really saw that in our home so you can just about clean, wide and about 8 people surf. Team held back from the control of the south coast shine through our stories that they have some good waves means be affected. It is expected to swell, I’ll probably write G-Land forecast is very little and most of the south coast.

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