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G-Land October 25th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf This is the oven today. The hottest I felt like I remember. The small 3 mintue showers fell from the sky. Mozzy also a number of recent days seen. Luckily the wind was pretty good. Just curious to know about the signs of a change of seasons. So I was in the sun for most of the day. The eyes burned from the sun and just the feeling of a series of energy use on the return is slow and steady.

Day of transport for which there is no effort in South Beach, but it can be really good. The fog is not really in shape, so that we the visibility that will not last. Maybe tomorrow we are going. While browsing around their heads high Kong. Smooth, clean and rippable, but this looks like two fasting on this day. Everyone seemed very happy, especially knowing that nothing happens, the forecast shows. You can not … or can not really complain of head high waves, no swell.

If you come here quickly and fight like in chess, though many of them. There have been several serious attacks occurred. The employees are games every day during rush hour … and, for most of the day free for them slowly. I found it I have to train my opinion by surfing all the time really numb parts of the head can be found. So if there are a lot of surfing, it’s easy to burn a few hours on the battlefield of plastic.

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