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G-Land October 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf 3 hours by an alarm immediately made ??my day. This is not a normal thing for me. 05:00 Then on the front for a review whether it would be the south coast. And the fog was a challenge to give my feelings on the way. We hang around 6:30 finally committed it and take a step in the direction of the canal boat. Shortly before seven and diesel vehicles, single cylinder, the length of the shaft horsepower tractor through the water. And “more fog, but not bad. Some spells and we have a bet that the wind is not fair to us.

We could not see if you have, look at what Mr. Salim and I think it is the place. Jumped ship and were never sure that we have in place, so I went back to cukung Salim and together, and I discovered that we have. The fog burned enough and we are on a reef team. Other instead of two days. When I wrote the day before, there are many waves in South Beach, there is not much experience, because we are here to surfing G-Land.

We had really fun G-land surf, it would be truly radical, and the difference is like a tidal wave continues to drop the session is always better. Even some small close-ups. A good set of head is high forecast, especially the lives of his chest high. Happy surfing for something else. The wind never came, and we sail, the tide seems to be too low and did not come. When we returned to the canal boat, it’s 11:15 and hunger and thirst after all that I want to meet. But the set looked nice in Fan Palms First of food and water and then I see my thoughts. Was reactivated and for hours in a bar … not in the groin.

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