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G-Land October 22nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf The thought of my last post yesterday … Sandwich with the first thought gave me the idea, Salim canal boat and go for a cruise around the tip of the Blambangan. His Cukung (outrigger canoe) can not be with people who are overloaded for some reason … The reason that most weighed to not displace the heart of the idea. Another reason could be the break formed as a stream of water from the tree stomach. After the car for about 45 minutes we arrived at the golf-oriented … There are many printable surf reef formations on the south coast. I do not write to G back … It is 26 km. the top. Thus we come to the point where I thought it would be good to check and you need enough for me to miss, and geographic Salim get. When we jumped, we could not be more than 100 meters to go really just break the sound waves. 30 minutes of the doubt, the feeling that perhaps too far west, and eventually disappear. The fog slowly and I can say that we are where we should be.

A few feet higher than what rounded to the breaking point and welcomes the Kongs and the fan-palms and the few yards from us all. The conditions were clean and comfortable to sail for two hours. Time to go back and look, is the perfect time, because the wind started to come, if we point over. Be yourself and others to jump again, to ensure that long to get to the other side of the fountain and I have not come to earth for 3 hours. Real fan palms have fun …. Sometimes, some couples are light, smooth, clean and fun! Sleep all day after.

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