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G-Land October 21st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Each time the swell height on the head or something bigger, I’ll see what comes to my mind, to do than surf. Ding Repair Agreement seems to be endless. Especially because there are not many days heads-up to work on board. Any way I do it, if there is a bulge big, but disables all my departure and must have a funtioning. Diving is always a wonderful thing to do here, but the water does not have a clear vision for a long time. Take a walk and around Cape Balambangan is to refocus the mind … if necessary or just a nice walk. Sometimes it should be, stay away from power!

After all that … I went surfing. Take the idea of ??playing Tiger tracks is really fun, of forecast today. My last look at the Fan Palms, you will see your head to come through more serious, I think it’s worth it. So there … The Indonesia represents twice with Samson and Matt, Oz, South Africa and the czech Republic. 6 people in total and gerandong reach their parking lot … He lay there for 4 hours. Walk through the forest and landed in the sand, crawled under the low-lying coastal areas, trees and has a first look. Only with a texture so soft breezes, and two men out. Surprised to see them, especially because they come from the local to Grajagan cukung. Surfing consistently high around his waist. Smalls sound, but not reall tiger tracks, because the signal is really nice. A large chest and shoulders a few games has been the spirit of true joy of the game have taken.

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