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G-Land October 20th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Against wind and online Good navigation is also very quiet, the best way to get a picture. This is a special time to be here and I still thank you for the luck that has kept alive to give the season. And again I am confident that the winds from the West. The last two days have very good bio-roasted to the right to suck the moisture has been … especially the United States. If you surf shirts to protect from the afternoon sun when the sun is every bit “of energy from exhaust air in a long session. Yesterday, three-hour session, my body collapsed on the food I said I had a lunch of surf for 6 hours at a stretch and jump.

So today, G-Fan Palms Kong’s land use and money. Tiger traces must have fun, but not a soul ventured there. The wind was blowing gently and steadily since the early … 8 hours of the morning. And when the tide rises at 03:00 clock 1.6 meters in height, the water has proposed deeper into the money tree. I do not surf today, but there may be groups of common double rooms often the patient’s decision. Some think that the face of tides 10 meters. I feel the content of the last 5 days at sea and on the day before.

Thus, the water is hot at the end. I did not use a tire in the last week or even longer. Some people keep a jacket or clothing of the bear in the spring, but is it really necessary to wear a short sleeve 2 mm seems full of the past. And I think the last two days of unusually warm … and perhaps a sign of the changing season.

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