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G-Land October 18th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf to find the same as yesterday, but it will not remain the same. This has inflated considerably smaller at low tide, which means a smaller but still about double the general. It is the nature of the waves and when the tide began to push the rocks and into the lagoon, a large set of vibrational energy began to radiate around the old limestone and coral reefs around the ball, I sat in the front. Bombore has always been alive for four days up to this point … 5 if we include the 19. One of the three largest wave in 2011 for sure. But you must go to other places in Indonesia to find good waves formed on the measure.

And apart from a few individuals have to go the next day, everyone to the bay. Chickens and 20 who have been the savior of all men most want to ride this wave. And the surf was really strong in there too. As the wind and not many people here at all. It might be surprising if the G-Land Tide can handle the huge waves.

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