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G-Land October 14th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Only about head high in the morning, check around 9 times, but after about an hour of good length, after half of the story, spoke on the bench, things have changed radically. 10 sets of legs to go through the Money Tree and some bastard hit the Great Barrier Reef. Sloth is the beach with a positive, that there are some big waves, like a heavy swell must have felt, you can access.

In the first search term, the wind is blowing fairly constant from W, S or N at times, and only for a moment from the E. It was morning and the day looks really promising. So I went to camp for some of the plates and was never again look back at the situation. Received a lot of mixed news for the rest of the day. Laziness is guaranteed … would kro positive feelings, but some others that are not enough, because it was never pressed, raw, even when the light materializes at the end of the day at sea. I am committed a positive relationship, and I hope it goes tomorrow. I heard the sea and are now back on the field, away from the beach. I am really curious to see what the new day and G-land forecast.

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