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G-Land October 13th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It ‘became clear in the early morning hours that a surfer would happen today. Strongly to the ground early in the morning and not really much to all the waves G-land forecast. There have been many times that there was no clear burst of money … As a channel of Bluewater look deeply into the reef. I have not seen for a long time. And another thing I have not seen in a long time, then transports them to Bali. 3 left and we are now soft 23 guests.

He said Bobby and Tom has been very successful at the beginning and I tried again with the 8-Buzy three participants could return to Bali. Have a good and direct the field for the sashimi night. Tom has got a  22 clear of large size, maturity and a deep black on the perimeter. Thanks for the effort.

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