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G-Land October 12th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf The day began with a positive attitude, some with Money Tree swell to about 8 feet from the front up. And because the tide was filling out all morning, several groups from the inner path. A small bump occurred in the morning, but not too bad and low range. Continuation of the third attempt to lift paddle board and give a solid effort. Still can not connect because it was full as far as surfing goes, but it is definitely a good view. Solid workout, too. But the navigation is not good.

So the next time around the year 10 foreign origin, swell again, and pretty much demolished the Kongs. Probably head and is quite funny. But I hung on the ground and wait for reports from some who made it into the water. Everyone is still looking pretty good for being.

Bobby came to the camp, came by boat Buzy Sloth. Directly controlled and dirt for a few hours later go back on the boat Buzy a troll. They hung three red Trevally was cut in sashimi and 2 for Silver Trevally grilled. She is one of the best fish to eat raw red. It ‘was released tomorrow, but it will be a party early this morning with Tom Lapp.

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