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G-Land October 10th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Early in the morning, is back. Seeing the pattern yet? Take the morning … variable wind of about 9-3 … the light comes, life prior to sunset or a session of 2 hours … own. Today, the trend started, but I never thought when she saw him in the early hours of the morning. Ultra-clean back to the first control, which was originally, as it was day of transport. See align quite well with the money and probably feel more attracted to the minimum that would have gone for the morning session starting in September. But I was waiting to welcome new guests and not worry about not surf because I had some cards, which increased the country might work. But it did not work!

The trend was broken and did not even 10 hours is spent at sea live. And he came to us most of the day were in a small window of time that has blown pull money outta . Trees forecast 8-10 walk to work, until the tide was enough to see the coral reefs, all the energy of the ledge, fan palms and Kong. And that’s where it is until the tide began to flow and begin to cover the reef remains. At sunset … and tonight we had a beautiful sunset … The money was on the way back and even a pair of games start rubbing inside the barrier reef.

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