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G-Land November 9th-10th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It is always swell! 9 is the beginning of the end of it and I hope it does not arrive soon. Today and yesterday the pleasure. Today perhaps only a small and a bit more coherent than it is today, but the essence of the second day were similar. The surfing is the face of 8-10 meters, but there are some bastards who came through the double-overhead. The wind and quite good, better than a lot of sunny days, unless the short 30-minute storm, which are most times. So the forest and our things have the possibility of some wet dry.

A little break everything today. G-land Surf Forecast With 2.0 meters in height and put the S swell enough to the launch pad to work Speedies Top received the money to different groups of trees, but not very consistent. The estimates show a combination of waves … something like 220 ??degrees and 200 degrees. Pad with the tide, and then down to a ledge. Thus the estimate and see what we jived well enough. And I hope the weather continues to be appropriate.

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