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G-Land November 4th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf today, I would not be too creative with sound in the background, like an alarm clock that wants every user. But there is a genuine reputation for her, and I could not stop the excitement drops penetration. Directly across the street and could not understand what I meant. Perhaps the South Beach comes to life. There was no wind so it was not the whole earth thundered in my ear. In any case … It seems pretty low … Low tide does not help.

Thus, the tides and waves. Well! Finally, it is a pleasure. Riding a 9’2 “, that works better in moving water faster than it, but the release of water to a series of long journeys. We get a few head high sets uPrefs. Kongs and fan palms and rice pudding. Friendly and a good team the people here. Raymond closed the first room and the Joyo not much.’ve 11th

Today is G-land Surf Forecast the 14th Days of small surf. 2 weeks and may include, but you never know here. Given the current situation this season, at the same time we have two weeks of small waves. And it is. 2 hours of hands together, palm to the sky and with a positive thought that something so beautiful in the way.

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