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G-Land November 3rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Baton is paid, in pots on his way back to Bali and I returned to camp after a real quick trip to the resort on the island. And god it was a scene. I partied in the city after the fall seasonand zero times this season … not feel that I or losses.

Thus, the boat was more slippery. There are no bumps at all real, and not many signs of swelling in water. When we arrived near Cape Blambangan, I can start with the number of people trained in the distant view. Then I saw the mother ship has drifted away from coral reefs and know exactly what they are. It is small enough that fighters octopus of Madura in the waves rocking the magnifying glass at the end of the swelling in the short, narrow,canoe pygmied Alma. There is no … surfing at all. But the real low tide. Buzy to cut througha slalom course, they are intentional, or maybe he just wants to play with them for the G-Land Express has built the boat high enough for ’em close. It can easily go around them all.

I was amazed at what people see of Kong surf. Not sure if they can really grasp everything.Entered the G-land camp with four other guests. Masato Kato and Hiromi, Toru friends, Bart andDutchy. Guarantee a certain number of things and finally with about sixteen, came out for a paddle in a stand-up. I began to appreciate again, just for decoration. I can not say that theaspect of his surfing, but the Cruisin in the lagoon or line-up was good. Catch the wave and the pair of thigh that’s all. A beautiful sunset, illuminating the clouds and the water receives reports from them. G-land forecast This is the last day of peace that is peaceful.

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