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G-Land November 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf perhaps less than I’ve ever seen today. I think if I added all my time here would be about 2 years. And on this day there with the younger children. Early in the morning when I sat watching the sea, there was a strange noise, I thought it was the rain to the sea, but it was the small waves on the reef when the tide is dry! Kong, although the possibility of a wave larger than the master. Some guests have the longboard and SUP and has led some bumps.

So what to do? Less than 6 people on the street, on the south coast with local fishermen Salim. They left in the morning and return late in the morning. The navigation of a peak in September to take a couple of 2ft mark is also a house one day … In addition, he joined Big 4 people dong the truck on an adventure in the jungle in search of animals and a special cave temple. It lasted all afternoon.

I tried to follow them on my bike a couple of hours later, but played a little. And G-land Forecast.So easy to stop Tiger traces of quiet beach fun. He took a bath, and then back to camp for a nap and packaging ready for the season. probably tomorrow I’m back in Bali, and the return of Michael to camp in the morning on the boat.

2011 was a good year, the rain is not very, very, very good waves and lots of good tracks. Thanks to Bobby and everyone in the field and have come to the operation, and all the guests who came and enjoyed their stay here and I have all my friends and all the friends who came and enjoyed their stay in G-land Surf with me, and maybe we will all be on next season and some world class waves, the best golf courses in the world The Best Bobby’s surf camp.

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