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G-Land November 29th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf  Today shaft. The new three-5ft swells on the table. Variable winds all morning, but despite the collapse of the wave, there are some good rounds are held. Then, at noon, the day and go for the trigger. Palm enthusiasts have many smokers at the time of reflux, and the tip of something fun to the edge. A day of fun at the G-Land.

G-Land Surf said today that some victims of fiberglass. Nusa Dua regular Barry has decided to develop a double-thick section at the end of his journey into the solid 5fter Fan Palm. While the entrance is wide enough to walk it is not clear exit Access Malibu 9. It now has 2 x 4.5ft helped. In addition, some of these children to the household block has a budget of some broken parts visible retrospectively on victims to the Board lip.

G-Land Surf Forecast is a very strong waves at the time, and the glass is very strong card for the occasion. Keyboard epoxy resin is also good. Guido Keahana epoxy boards that looks and feels like a console polyester magic, but the strength of the epoxy resin board was strong, a few G-Land waves arrested seriously!

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