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G-Land November 27th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf determined by the full moon day. Unfortunately, the biggest wave … about 2-3ft and offshore … but because there was a full moon night, we celebrate the full moon of the moon with Gandrung Dance in G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp.

A group of traditional music from outside Banyuwangi Camp G-Land Surf Forecast, and we beat their songs through the night. It was really hot after dinner, when the star is flowing, and everyone was happy to see the six dancers on the dance floor!

A local dancer show how the work is good, because it’s hunting with a young girl, before he became angry and turned to him. It is about magic, known as Jaran dance Banguwangi magic. Suddenly he began to follow him around, but now he is playing hard to get! Large-screen dance.

G-Land-bit, and the guest gets a turn, and many of us wear the traditional turban and scarf and wearing the best measure we dance, we dance with the (beautiful) beautiful young woman. Rocked the party into the night, good night all in the surf camp in G-Land Bobby

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