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G-Land November 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf The guests were treated to another pump day! Morning sickness is usually up around 9:00 is valid, then slowly, ordered as an off-shore begun in some big waves all day long, tube runs, and kick some patients to G-Land.

G-Land Surf spread a little over the flood with a wall of 8ft 6 to start in the Money Tree, and then some 3-4ft velocity gun with a strange game. Former WCT Pro freezes This speed Spooner and Jake has something good, free, boat, and fell back pigdogged Nugget Cobra and successful part of hell. Watch is great.

Finish the session with a lovely raised head from the gun speed. Then again at the end of surfing from Arvo a sea of ??light with the 6-8ft bomb is made ??of … some really good waves! Last trip I went to the launch pad and ends with a vague set of six blows to the head in a storm of colors of the sunset. Not breathe until I was happy beer in the region for an hour. A nice Wipeout also trying to get a grip, I spent some time with an inch and cut her lip on the head in the door and angrily stronger in the fall and give me a good hammer!

Even with experience, can really belt G-Land Surf Forecast of the Living Daylights. A group of girls at the beach today Banyuwangi (some of them were very funny too) to their practice English with the guests. I was asked: G-Land is the challenge? And I say it gets easier with time. But in reality my ass beat in my visit to the conversation follow. Ha ha G-Land has always won.

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