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G-Land November 21st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf How full of hope in the morning, I heard the waves bounce off my roof and I’m really excited. Go ahead and see if it is true and of course That! The new wave in a new day, and after 4 guests back to Bali yesterday, which makes three of us here …. Cole, Mike and me. 5 surfers with Blacky and Samson.

Have dual overhead early in the morning and looks like a real leadership quality waves. Shaft of silver, and less section with some force. Just after the earth seems patience is worth something. Raising the tower and look really give a time. Today is one day at a time when I feel like taking some pictures of the lineup. But we could not find my camera. There is no shot, unfortunately.

A small light flashes come alive off the coast of about 10 and 11 are in the water. Surf for 2 hours, capturing everything that feels good, because nobody else there. The surf is up and when I got out of the water, as well as certain overhead costs double set. Property curious to see what happens at high tide at sunset. Lunch, nap in the tower of power, built to watch his son, Derek Cole, and back of a barrel of money. Mike and Rob paddling through the lagoon, and there is only a natural path to follow. I was there.

At the end of the session, we get some good games … Three times the overhead and clean. We do not get the kind of money one would expect a normal vacuum cleaner. The wind was never strong enough for this crop. But he was so nice and clean! Some Pacifier Dies at Launch Pad, but it was really G-land Surf Forecast¬†swell Money Tree. A beautiful sunset, illuminating the sky and reflect in the water. In fact, three or four days it was an incredible sunset.

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