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G-Land November 1st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf November 1 is the last one I probably G-Land, but the weather and wind as the day to day in mid-season classic. A beautiful blue sky with an offshore wind and the intense heat of the sun … Waves, however, did not like the size of the traditional mid-season! If you have a head high waves today, when you do well.

Then a small drop off yesterday … with all the waves scattered between the Kongs and fan palms. Life in the chest high in most of them with some kind of nice to have. Surfing in the morning, I was much better than I expected, with some nice little runner ‘with some modifications.

This is the strange situation. Well yesterday and today is the day to get updated maps were all Indonesian surfers a little ‘excited. It does not read much, but enough to give a glimmer of hope. So here I am G-Land, to swell, and in fact very similar to the days where you would normally take days off! However, beggars can not be picky, and with so little bloated lately, get some 2-3 foot surf is good!

Super busy, I saw more than 10 people at a time. Tomorrow, several arranged for guests to go around the south coast … so hopefully score some good waves. I go, but my bike through the forest crying for attention, so I’ll probably take to Hoon Alas Purwo different attractions, such as meditation cave, animals of the forecast to see the tower, and the temple. You can organize excursions Grandong truck for every guest who wants to do the same … The main thing is to have a sense of tomorrow will be a short break …

For anyone who reads this and comes to an end, or the thought of coming to an end, do not despair … There are some activities that are severe enough brewing in the Indian Ocean, and within a week we seem to start shooting in the department to inflate again.

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