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G-Land November 19th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Four days of the waves and we love it. The wind was right, sometimes outta the W, S, and most outta the short breath of E. But all the directions were easy to blow, it was not too much of a negative effect if it does not open in the sea water is heated and the air is definitely hot and stuffy, so that each Reassurance piece of “water as cold as a cold towel around a feverish body.!

G-land Surf Forecast The money was more trees. Aimed at 10-12 meters and very entertaining for the format bit. If we have a good step abroad, the cost would be rolled up very well, but it was more than anything else carvable. We had a taste of Krug dies / pacifier, but it was not really happening. Maybe outta all 20 waves what the stats But it was not worth sitting there for a long time, and money online on the reef. The Ledge at a show and gave us the best chance to drive in the brief appearance.

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