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G-Land November 16th-17th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf So I went today … of 17 … began at 15 when it begins to swell, increasing in scale, is a marker for a month because they swell! TOTAL has a couple of days last month with a few short pulses of life, about two feet from the ceiling. But these are the impulses that last only one day and then again is strong for a while “before the next pulse day appearance. The swells from mid October and lasts about a week. And today is the day of the third wave of direct Simply beautiful, I now feel echoes swell ceramic tiles. So if you run the risk recently, we go surfing and surf again tomorrow General.

Yesterday was a big jump to 15. Common set of 10 faces and walk away. Kong, the break for the whole day together will be a twin-cam. But since there are only nine of us ride the wave, it is not necessary to venture alone uPrefs. Under the coating Ledge, Money Tree, and inside there is the possibility of being alone. The wind was fairly calm day and a half moves in front of the right to make a late arrival, began to blow about 2 hours. But it is fun as you might think the wind came. And of course, all the better when the wind began to push against the waves.

Today, 17 years starts to look really good. With a little more presence Speeding reef dies out at low tide, it seems a good thing to wait for the morning and see what happens down there at 1:30 … 1.8 meters high. Cole, Dennis and Phil went for a morning walk in the first and Tiger Tracks, Derek, Mike, and I know panga to look there. Attack is only good to get there and even if it was filmed by passengers on the return value. Walking … Surf … Tiger Tracks hike is the mission. Finally, it is a pleasure. Dennis and Phil had a real long Tigre 2 and we are dependent on the tip should reach the main ripper. Properties have fun. Burn the boats to the port back for a quick meal and belts in the front.

G-land Surf Forecast 10-12 feet and face clean, soft money. This Speeding never really together. There are some waves out there … I gave him more than an hour to really see …. But money and catching is definitely the best part is safe. Most corals wave foot comfort. Be established from time to time a good run, but more carvable.

With nine of us here, good waves and wind, and the warm, sunny days … We should be thankful for!

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