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G-Land November 15th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Costco Wholesale products in the jungle last night. Secretly look in the middle of the round table of the wider economy has been the allocation pattern. Only the bottle itself is attractive and make it even more attractive is one of the more or less smooth tequila. Sun dinner was finished and the session was. The last time I had a seat at the round table that was on my hands and my fault that I was naturally rebel against all the drinks in my belly. Fortunately nothing happened again … me or someone else. Puma also has a little essence of style, as it was called. And it was on fire. The guitar and drums came out that Puma has made the dance. It was pretty classic!

It would not be surprised to know that the myth of long-term will take place. The G-land surf forecast was …. Well … Just a little. But a few meters above the whole was very good and better than the last 3 days. Twenty are beautiful and the weather was blue sky and warm. What a week of rain … Well … the. .. I like a thing of the past to write. …. for now I know it will be soon enough, but it’s nice to feel the warmth of the sun

Harry and Jeanette … Needless to say goodbye, but always nice to see two.

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