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G-Land News September 7th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. Yeah, a large number. 58 guests This came in the morning, most of 2010 season so far and probably ever in the history of Bobby’s. Hence, we have 77 guests. The other camps are up to the shop, and just hope that these sources alleged in the first …. Do come and is always consistent.

My question is simple, universal and say it is too high. But simple things, instead of the complex number “to avoid dramatic options selected. Surf was small in the morning … but perhaps slightly more than in the past few days, but essentially the same. About one high and the coral tree money running fairly quickly.

Kong’s slightly better on the shape, but soft. But … a new bit that came in around 2 and at sunset, a couple of sets above the line at Money. Kong had to pick up not tomorrow, not much encouraging.

Motha Fricka … Rocky, the biggest biawak (monitor lizard) has lined up a lunch feeding carcasses Mackarel backup. HE is huge! I remember a lot thicker than the last season. They are really from another time … geologically very long from now. It is nice to sit back and watch the animals.

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