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G-Land News September 2nd 2010

G-Land News September 2nd 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land Surf Report Today. The crowd in the water seemed a bit less frenzied compared to yesterday, but still plenty of bad scenarios that went on.  Seems that it needs to be either real big or swell  for 4 days straight to get people to change their approach.

But then there’s new guests coming in everyday to one of the camp’s, so I guess it just needs to be real big. 8-10 foot faces at Moneys with those random larger sets coming through at double-overhead, but you needed to patient for those.  Nice, easy barrels today since the swell’s intensity backed off.  Not much of a consequence compared to what’s possible.

Fan Palms up through Kongs was real playful…big, carvable faces with surprise barrel sections like it does up there.  The wind was great today and already blowing early on…like from 7 AM.  And another day of real intense sun.

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