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G-Land News September 27th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today, was again slightly lower, but still enough to really swell waves play every morning. Solid 3ft (head high) on the rows and palm fans and the Ledge area on the flood late this morning she was highlighted on the day. Morning when the wind was nill and the low tide, there was plenty of targeted Kong, which was a bit of overhead. But as I said, the meeting was trading flood light is beautiful, it was so funny.

Crispy waves approaching from some distance, so that once again turns, and maneuvers lip. Super hot water, hot sun all day, no rain in the last 40 hours, duration Bagus! I never saw in the late afternoon surf, but he was probably still a few reefs Kong. Instead, I have enjoyed a quiet afternoon nap and then came the epic massage from one of our employees

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