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G-Land News September 26th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today, Is there still much fun, such sources are slowly falling for my taste! 3-4ft sets on the day (one high and some small overhead) and uncrowded, the fun stuff. The wind came in just after the 10 clock, and much to delight everyone, it was sunny every day. Not too often, we recently had. And it seems as I write this in a very clear evening sky.

God knows we have enough rain already. Set on the flood broke through the morning with all parts of the reef. Kong, money and some trees Speedies lil. I have some fun with the Speedies, but subsequently broke my 6’1 high eapocsa one barrel on the tree. Weird. Probably my board Better than my bones I. Late in the day I took young Adam from dead low tide Money Trees surf, we made only two, along with photographer Dave Camp with us a bit. 3-4ft sets light offshore, the barrel a lil odd, and some nice bags, it was a fun session.

For the reefs at Fan Palm, I can always see people nice overhead waves tumble down the reef. Mmmm tonight we had the tuna steak with Caesar salad, very tasty! Epic Thats 3 consecutive meals on the previous night. Yeeeaahh.

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