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G-Land News September 24th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today, G-Land was in full force today with angry attitude and appetite for destruction! Set access to the range of 6ft (Double Over Head) more for the odd. Next morning there was no wind, with approximately 10 clock. wobbly wave of rain squalls and high tide. Then the tide turned, was trading in the sun and came back at us was all the way to launch ramps and upper Speedies.

Very surprised, however it was pretty rough out there, and the wind was funny bumps on the waves, and some gnarly sections. I guess broken boards 15-20 in the daytime. Then there were some big barrels were added. Stand up, if you had the box right one. Maybe I should have surfed the tide is higher, and some tubes Speedies rout, but something told me that, so I went out mid-session low tide, and landed some hard work surfing Money Trees.

A lot of paddling, the wind a bit too much for South net super tubes, and finally when I got a big barrel, the next wave exploded on my head, my board is broken. Poor old Hayden, was fortunately, his last day he was walking out to surf and slipped on some slippery reef, and it went wrong with his finger, and it broke. Ouch! A doctor in another camp to reset back into place, and things were not as bad as it could be 17:00 am direct deposit was made Money Tree and the best waves on the day along the route. Of course, since 0530 it was dark, and so he lived for a while. But the lucky few who reached there, some really good tubes.

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