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G-Land News September 23rd 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. G-Land: What is the day! I was one of my special meeting of the season late in the afternoon, he enjoyed my day. Tide comes in the last hour of the day, the set of all sit at Ledge & Fan Palm, and 4-6ft bombs that raised money trees, all to yourself?? And they were hard … Kegging technology tubes go 2-3 against the waves, and my last wave of bomb solid 6ft – biggest wave I have seen on the tree come through each day, free I fell on the track and the large deep pit, my 6’7 quad fin set up and did something that I came. Even the surf was super fun late morning the swelling was up to 3-4ft remained uneven 5fter to the reef, and I was one of the few, the tide line from the lower middle class, Money Trees, and the audience to reefs.

A wave has 4 tubes! And the others just super fun lil drums and now, on my 6’1. I wanted to get rid of all … Was not this a great day for a while now … There were so many waves peeling along the reefs along the high tide, really all day long. I was expecting a good session on the ledge 0.3m low tide, but it never really happened. Pair is Bombie broke the tide, but the swell was not big enough to create disturbing trends, thank God. The swelling is not really back, but those who think well west swells very well in today’s totally messed up!

Tonight is full moon, and our tradition of full moon dance party Gandrung, Banyuwangi with local bands, dancers and singers. She has some beautiful native women in this group, and guests are invited to dance with them. In saying that I better prepare for my dance steps.

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