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G-Land News September 22nd 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. G-Land was not too great today, but definitely fun! Instead of whining to me in the search and that small, I paddled (mostly by my friend Ryan Cantlon, inspired just arrived today), and of course, some runners really fun 2-3ft long reef. Sun waist to head high and people are not too many, especially in the flood, it was easy, a stretch of reef with few if any people. He was glassy early, around 9, then the variable light until 10, then we must at 10 and went directly to offshore was 11, then through the squall, and we were on the verge of just a few Devils caught wind tweaked the one hour plus some rain. Rain.

My God it was raining this morning. About 3.00 to 4 or 5 clock was hard. How heaviest I’ve ever heard. I turned on my light around and did a crossword puzzle for half an hour then calmed down, so I fell asleep again. How, where he is around? Typhoon in China, possibly wrong? Fortunately, we get a lot of sun a day and offshore wind. Looks like a bit more tomorrow, and tomorrow better again, so the next few days promises some quality …

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