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G-Land News September 20th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. G-Land is being drawn into the swell and produce the goods today, but decided we had to suffer all the rain around every night and every day! Well over half the total rain days, but if it was raining, there were some strong gusts here and there. Luckily the wind (except during the gusts) held up well and blew right offshore from the early morning. So many punters out there early breakfast unusually crowded, no doubt the flood persecutor. In retrospect this was the best time possible, often with a pulsating phrases. Perhaps the highlight of the seaway then.

The rest of the day well when he came, but there are some gaps in some measures of distance between sets. Size was wise, the biggest waves I saw two overhead, especially in one and half … 4-5ft, with the odd 6fter. It was quite a hit back at so that most of the waves the top ledge and Money Trees. But this morning the tide waves go right through the tree money, immediately before the sunset and I saw some nice waves down to the reef further removal so seductively down the muzzle, launchers inside … But the tide to 1.2 m at the end of the deceptively dangerous reefs, and easy to get thrown at a high rate of knots on flat coral!

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