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G-Land News September 19th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. G-Land was very small, start with today. But betting 1-2ft max, but certainly a kind of new line on his show early signs of receiving. We lost about 10 people in total today after the change, but there are still 46 people in the camp. wait with each test, the waves all day on the projected increase in size, it was inevitable that a full session at the end of the day with the tide.

Sure enough, by mid-afternoon was the 3ft fixed rates (head high), the set of Kong, Stay & Upper Silver palm trees. The entire G-Land was there, and at the end of the reef was busy but successful for most meetings. The sentence came by even occasional 4ft. After the Internet, I’m predicting strong tomorrow maybe 4ft 5ft sets. So the day is pretty fun!

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