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G-Land News September 17th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. G-Land now had called him on the Internet: Small easing swelling. 2-3ft records all day long (area 4-6ft), and not so much that his head was high, even. The wind was offshore from morning per day according to the ordinary here. Speaking of morning, sleep in until then, and he did just in time for breakfast. Grateful. I love breakfast!

Not so that from today while surfing, I just want to relay what I saw and heard. All parts of the reef was small waves, and some guys a few more dips here and there. Will we again are small, maybe 1-2ft? So, I figure another three days after another after another until I. Sunday is showing small signs of a bit of additional sources, then this should be examined Monday 4-5 feet (well overhead) with other sources a few days later more.

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