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G-Land News September 14th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. Oh what fun for a day. Waves were a few feet overhead on the sets well but many of the waves through intervention to keep all real happy. The total length of the reef was time break eventually. Were jarred yesterday … said he caught a few nice ones waiting on Speedies Mini but I go to a different time of day … Rest of the reef.

Inside pad on the right wave collected works and a top swelling up inside different that makes it really fun to sit there. Money Tree was basically working all day, always up to 8 feet forward of the quality ones. The Ledge … Fan palms … Kong’s … All broke down and breaking well.

Nice wind today. Probably no more than about 6 knots ESE direction and quality grooming with the face on canvas, clear and unambiguous. Perfect for the amount … too small and it would not log. Stories of the drums … Stories of the shaft a few barrels … Stories of the ribs and cutting … Stories where he is “sick” was aflowing. Thank you for the day and the waves that I was. intention to leave today but tomorrow’s now. As I wrote earlier … Jarred is enjoying being around and such.

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