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G-Land News September 13th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. Immediately after hectic week away, the stock has settled down somewhat and we now have 37 people who hold 67 instead of 78 and before the trip. 37 feels much different than the other number. But luckily enough that the staff here was good with people and made it easy to handle.

got up early this morning at 6 to talk with the new guests were expected at the door for a good 30 minutes. If you have not really seen much since the flood happened pretty low … was, but …, as the flood came and the wind began to change Grajagan nice and clean. By the time all was settled to their rooms and got their bags, the surf look fun.

Money Tree sequence was very clean and will remain hollow with many of them. 60-10 per foot with a fine texture, made from the offshore sea look as real tempting. But I ended up staying for another period of days to enjoy. At about 2 paddled by Spock heard on the way out of the lagoon say it was fair and I need that desperate. He should walk to the fact that much has changed I see nothing on my last check, but the things.

And I’m glad I went for a surf Supreme Cause money was a small overhead on the sets of trailers that Palm / Ledge small package of 8 or so on it and it is real fun started coming and finally sucked me there. But I was secretly returned to catch a couple with no problems at all. Lot of reef Kong people and they all seemed happy to be there. I know that I was happy where I was. Definitely a good fun day!

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