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G-Land News September 11th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. The day began against bin Laden watched on television as I was walking through the pub. Oh yes. Just a reminder. I’m not sure what about the huge amount of various information about why it happened. An there is a possibility that bin Laden one of his palaces and Saudi Royal families living within the world? Either way or whatever it is, what went on in G-Land … The day went today.

I prefer, footage of 9 year old barrels a TV can see, this morning. But we are all mentally pieces to make new barrels today. Money Tree, again to surf the ever-breaking wave, here the swelling was gracious with their hands and nicely … hollow … Clean … 8-12 per foot strip of the delicious fruit we eat peeled. you get the idea … a great day for surfing. And vitally, when the flood came right to draw, we were blessed by a short session on the ledge.

Clean conditions early, but cut short conditions at the wind blowing Bad N, and then large offshore until about 03:30. A rapid movement north came forward and blew the rest of the day.

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