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G-Land News September 10th 2010

G-Land Surf Report Today. Was interesting for a day. But to go back to last night … it was full of wet season. Solid rain come down for hours worked with the best song in mud Plengkung build something with. To come this morning, I found this to be true when a van (with the new score-boards) got stuck there. Create a major road block! Therefore, early morning and I clean fun.

Lot’s of fine morning this season. I see them only every three days for the assessment of transport, otherwise I’m not, but in any case is asleep. Maybe I should start getting better soon. Swell remains strong and above the two large quantities of Money Trees. But that is not long cleanliness. 07:30 and the wind began to N steps forward to build a wave.

Really hard to surf with the wind. It grew stronger and he started coming out of the W. another shitty wind direction. Many guests have asked me “what I feel.” And even if everything stated in the sky a good day, I thought it was better to sit down for a surprise. It is easier to feel grateful when there are no expectations. And we found it. Money tree was stuck for the very good from about noon and the van in mud.

No table, the stomach is full, and look for quality waves reach 13 guests get a new well test the patience. shorten the boys in a big effort to place their sample, but it was a test for the boys and since this Lebaran (Idul Fitri), a major Muslim holiday which was completed in the lunar month of troscaidh. We have sorted everything aligned, center, and. Sets out Cash’s still solid double-overhead line going forward and fairly. Most of the focus was on Fan Palm / Ledge.

Peak drew up was always on the reef and therefore the group of surfers. Money was only a few times right down there and if you make smart … Your way down. Stoked! And was broken at sunset, launch a handful of records at the Pad. He was sure the seed deep in my head hope for tomorrow. We will see ….

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