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G-Land News on February 9th 2011

All arrivals to the camp of G-Land Surf Beach, north of the square, so that newcomers pregnant with their first look at the conduct of the drums from a side street in perspective. First, you stand on the reef in search of first on the magnitude of the wave is doing well. Further left is far Kong, who are often the dirtiest part of the reef, and reached a disorderly manner and not in a position trickier. West swell will see and plate cylinder, while the S wall and shoulders more. It is the call when the waves below head high (very rare) and makes the extra depth, it is less volatile than the other sections.

Nevertheless, enough force to advise on the smallest snap-days it’s hard to stay aligned and it’s a long walk or trees paddle.Money endless is the default for sessions over the G-land , attracts most of the campers what looks perfect barrels peeling for 2-300m. Depending on the tides and swell direction, the tubes weighed into the cavernous mines to close, high and envelopes is guaranteed always behind, so time stamps carefully taken. From the beginning, and the right place is important, and shoulder hopping is often punished, the fight against the urge to turn and go paddling continuously. It must be stable at low, prompting many helmets and there are some holes in the reef faceless, ease of entry / exit quarrels between sets.

Money Trees even better in size and is probably ideal for 12ft faces, but with three heads. Launch Pad is the less defined, because it seems that to moderate swell and is often transported in the mood to surf between supply and Speed. Big Bad is the patch reef beyond the normal line lime made and see how tapering to nothing, but as its name suggests, it suddenly jumps back and begins to pedal to the metal section, as reefs known speed. No doubt the champagne tower requires all Speedies all the skills to spare. Just do the drops is a feat in drawing the line right now and speed are essential, since he? T release or offer an easy solution for peeling 200m accuracy. Reef flies around clear threat, and is the largest, flattest patch when navigating to the pressure of flood quarterly.

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