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G-Land News June 28th 2010

G-Land News – June 28th 2010 By Bretto

G-Land was very relaxing today. A few people took their boards for a paddle to beat the bordem and a few were giving money to the local ladies and getting massages relaxing down the beach. I did a yoga session this morning at Joyo’s camp to stretch my sore muscles out. There is alot of paddling in G-Land and it is nice to have a stretch now and again.

After lunch I went fishing up to the key hole way up past Kongs. It took us about an hour to get there and none of us got any fish. The fishing in G-Land has been a little average this season, the spear fishermen have been doing the best. I will have to walk up there again and take some photos. The coal barge has split in two and the coal is all over the beach. It’s such a big barge and it’s just sitting high and dry on the reef at low tide.

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