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G-Land News July 8th 2010

G-Land News – July 8th 2010 by Michael Narchi

G-Land … a day loaded up with good fun from good people.  I had to wait until the  9th to write the 8th’s report cause last night was a good one.  Really great group of people here and everyone kept alive until late into the night.  It started out with Oahu’s Johnny Ginella’s 18th birthday and continued on with some freshness.  All the newly skinned drums (4 of them), a guitar and didgeridoo, vocals , and freedmen came together for an all night jam session.  Simply put…GOOD FUN!

Swell came up just a bit, sending us some 8 foot-face sets, but extremely long waits in between.  Nice form up at Kongs and definitely the most consistent.  Fan Palms was working well, but as you moved further down the reef, the lulls got longer.  If  you sat at Money Trees and got lucky, a nice hollow one would set up.  But really long waits.

Wind went a bit variable today.  Started out calm, then came up from the North, shifting out of the West, then backed right off until about noon.  And finally a light East wind came alive.  For the most part since I’ve been here, the winds have been good.  Hoping for some great wind if this swell comes in the next few days.

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