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G-Land News July 7th 2010

G-Land News – July 7th 2010 by Michael

G-Land this morning had that classic dry season feel.  Warm early on with a  strong atmospheric haze blocking most of our view of Gunung Grajagan.  Wind was real calm yesterday, staying low through the night until tonight as well.  So it was real clean early on and stayed that way through the day.

The swell didn’t really come up until midday, not really getting more than just overhead.  Me and 8 guests took off  at about 11:00 to go check out the caves by Pancur since it really didn’t look like the low tide running for 3 hours from 11 unitl 1 would help the surf.

The trek was pretty intense cause the foot track was still loaded with deep mud for at leat 1.5 km.  We got there and made it back down without any mishaps, went for a swim at the beach and charged back to Plengkung hoping to get a few waves.  I really enjoyed going with the crew cause they stayed positive when a lot of people would start going bitter.

Definitely some swell showing, but real inconsistent.  Fan Palms looked the best and there were even a few sets (1-2 waves in a set) running down into Inside Launching Pad.  The few guys that paddled out after the adventure said it was worth it…getting a few long ones.  The rest of us were content relaxing out front.

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