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G-Land News July 6th 2010

G-Land News – July 6th 2010

G-Land backed off from yesterday and definitely was a day to do something other than surfing.  But still, there’s always a few people that want to surf no matter what.  I tried to rally together a group to go to the caves beside Pancur (closest Ranger gate to us) but it fell through in the end.  We got 5 newly skinned drums here and it would have been nice to go act a bit tribal up there.  Maybe another day.

Kongs was maybe head high maximum and pretty weak looking.  I didn’t see anything come through Money Trees today.  Winds were fairly calm throughout the day and because of that, by 3:00 o’clock, the smooth ocean surface made the afternoon glare ridiculously overwhelming and blinding like a welding arc.

Story talking is starting.  Anyone looking at the swell forecast has seen what I’m writing about.  If the numbers really do materialize, it’s going to be interesting to see how big some of the peaks coming in will be.  Definitely the most sizable swell of the season.  Maybe I’ll be writing the same thing again on the 11th.

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