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G-Land News July 5th 2010

G-Land News – July 5th 2010 by Michael

G-Land folklore.  I feel bad to start rumors, but I didn’t know I was at the time.  The two Saffa’s girls didn’t see a Panther yesterday.  It was just a pig and the guys were playing with them.  Don’t know why they were playing with me, but that’s the end of that one.

G-Land still had a few fun waves today.  The swell backed off from yesterday a bit….really just getting up to just overhead, but it was pretty weak and slow.  I did see a few more powerful one’s come through, but in the end, just enough of something to get into the ocean for.

Went for a dive today looking for fish and really didn’t see too much.  Lots of upwelling going on so the visibility was bad…maybe like 15 feet max.  And the water is a bit cool from it as well.  I would think something like 77 degrees (25 degrees) so with the wind it’s cool for sure.  If you’re coming, bring some rubber.

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