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G-Land News July 4th 2010

G-Land News – July 4th 2010 by Michael

G-Land…YES….G-Land!!!  It’s such a nice feeling to come back here and I’m sure it’s a feeling every one of you that’s been here at least twice understands.  Everything is fresh in this corner of  East Java, especially the air. The jungle is full and lush with all the unexpected rain through June and it’s great to see it like it is.  Hopefully though, it’s not going to get any greener.

The surf was fun today once again.  Kongs was the most consistent with sets getting up to 6-8 foot on the face.  The morning up until about 2:00 stayed clean with still winds growing to just a light offshore, but then went South and sent a little side-bump down the point.   Money Trees was inconsistent.  Size was about the same, but you had to be looking for a test of patience if you wanted to sit there.  But it stayed clean all day…out of south-wind bump that hit Kongs later on.

As I was coming in through the Ledge at sunset, I watched two back-to-back sets come through Fan Palms.  Really nice looking waves.  About 8 foot on the face, steep-walled, long, clean, and a surprise to everyone left in the water.  So they went unridden.

Two young South African girls are here for their first time.  Yesterday, on their first day …they decided to go down to Tigertracks for a late afternoon surf…at lower tide.  I thought it would be junk but supposedly they had a few fun waves.  So I thought they were lucky.  Then I found out they saw a Macan Hitam (Black Panther) on their way back.  Now I know their LUCKY!!!  I’ve been hoping to see one for awhile.   I didn’t believe them cause…well…their new.  But Hari and Jackie were their escorts and they vouch for it too.

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