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G-Land News July 30th 2010

G-Land News July 30th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land is beginning to remind me of August 2008 when there was a high percentage of days that were in the 2-4ft range… However within a week comes a big swell and then quite likely another one within a week of that. So roll on a pumping August… In saying that I have only been here for 7 days, and a week before I got here was all time.

So today in the G-Land Surf there was 3ft sets with the very occasional 4ft set coming through nicely overhead. Every section of the reef seemed to have a set here and there. A good offshore wind blew from early morning all day long, there was no rain last night or today, so things are not so bad.

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp had quite a big turn over today, and now the camp is full. Yet it hasn’t even been very crowded in the surf. From what I hear the other camps are very quiet. Well we got out own little township going here, lots of families, couples, crew from all walks of life, its a great vibe and who can complain when theres plenty of waves for all.

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