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G-Land News July 2nd 2010

G-Land News – July 2nd 2010 by Bretto

G-Land wasn’t quite as good as yesterday however there were still some really good waves all up and down the reef. It was 2-3 ft and very clean but a little bit of a wobble on it and a little sectiony. There were alot of barrels and some really smackable walls.

All the Brasilians are fired up for the soccer game tonight and the Aussies are already watching the A.F.L. Everybody has feasted on such a good feed once again. Gotta love the buffet night!

There are 19 people leaving Bobby’s and 18 arriving tomorrow so the crowd in G-Land will be good for another few days. There is no bump in the swell until the 11th so let’s hope the forecast is wrong.

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