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G-Land News July 26th 2010

G-Land News July 26th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land produced some quality waves today… Sure I’ve seen it better, but with 4-5ft waves rifling down the Money Tree reef and just enough trade wind to keep it clean, there was definitely some good waves. I talked myself out of going out right until dead low tide, and ended up getting lucky on the Ledge with my first G-Land shack session of the season. Captured them all on a GoPro camera mounted on my surfboard, so by the end of the season I should have a nice lil video to post up on our website documenting the G-Land tube!

Hawaiian lad Asher got a screaming good tube on the morning session, while his girlfriend had a fun session at Tigertracks along with the Kiwi girls and a few Aussie chaps. The water temp was quite nice all round, I got to hot in my spring suit this afternoon, so that was a pleasant surprise. Although I have no qualms about wearing wetsuit in warm water here, as when the s#*t hits the fan and I end up on the reef, its great to have that wetsuit for some body armour.

Tonight is Gandrung full moon dance party. It was supposed to be on the beach but there was a light shower upon dusk, so its been moved into the restaurant just to be safe. Should be some good dancing going on tonight, as my fellow Kiwi crew are on the vodka’s and no doubt they’ll be priming me up on the Russian drink to get me to reveal my trademark Gandrung dance moves.

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