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G-Land News July 25th 2010

G-Land News July 25th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land rained from the heavens this morning! After a reported month or so of only occasional light rain, it just bucketed down for a few hours today. Highly unusual for G-Land in July. So with the rain came variable winds that lasted all day. On the positive side the swell built all day. Beginning around 2-3ft in the morning, it was solid thick 4-5ft in the afternoon and grinding down the low tide Money Trees sections. However with that variable wind it made any barrel riding attempts dangerous and risky.

Not a lot of guests came in with good reports. Although there were still some stoked punters who got some great rides. I took a handful of guests down to Tigertracks late morning. 3 girls and a guy + me, we all had a fun time and got some nice 2-3ft hot dog rights. Perfect waves for the girls to feel at ease on, and still some great pockets for me Asher & I to whip some backhand combos.

Tomorrow should be real good presuming the trade winds blow…

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